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Whiteboard Update aggregates all of the jobs posted over dozens of agencies to show you all of the opportunities out there. Don't settle for what a single agency has to offer.

Simply click the apply now button and someone from Whiteboard Update or one of its partner agencies will contact you about the open position.

You can simply apply to multiple jobs. Until you sign a working contract, you don't have any commitment. Each agency and contract will have different stipulations per the contract about cancelling.

Did you know that agencies don't normally have exclusive contracts with hospitals? Several agencies will post the same job with different rates and benefits. Whiteboard Update will select what we feel is the best agency offering the same job.

Whiteboard Update is a third party. There really isn't a catch. Being that we can show all of the jobs of our partners, we can show you thousands of jobs more than other travel nurse agencies. We do get a small referral commission if we do refer you to a partner rather than using our direct assignments. 

Check out our Blog where we have hundreds of articles about where to go, what to do, how to get your license, etc. We aim to be a one stop shop to make your life easy as possible.

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