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Whiteboard Update is here to help you find the best travel nurse jobs in the US. We partner with dozens of agencies and hospitals to find you the absolute best travel nurse jobs out there. 

Check out all of our free information about each state, things to do, places to see and the license info you need to know to get started on your next travel nurse job.


We have your back! We have THOUSANDS of travel nurse jobs all in one place. Unlike individual travel nursing agencies, our goal is to have every single travel nurse job for you to choose from.

Our goal is to help you get started. Wether you are a new travel nurse or a seasoned professional, we have great how to information to get you going. Read HERE to learn how to become to get started then get your first travel nurse job. 

Tim, the owner of Whiteboard update is actually a nurse and has decided to focus our website strictly on nurses. His goal is to find quality travel nurse jobs that you will love.

Being that we work with so many healthcare partners, we always have travel nurse jobs from coast to coast (Hawaii and Alaska too!)


We Are Nurses Here to Help Other Nurses

We are different from most of the sites out there simply because we are nurses that run this place. We believe it takes a nurse with experience to be able to understand these travel nurse jobs and what makes them great.

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Licensing information

Nurse licensing information is crucial for ensuring the competence and reliability of healthcare providers. To obtain a nursing license, individuals must typically graduate from accredited nursing programs, pass national licensing exams such as the NCLEX, and fulfill state-specific requirements. Licensing authorities verify educational credentials, clinical training, and examination results to ascertain proficiency. 

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